Sensuous flower hair accessories for a sophisticated bride

Florissima bella offers stunning flower hair accessories for a sophisticated bride. A bride who is looking for that perfect final touch. The accessory that pulls all separate parts into a smashing outfit.   A bride who knows that accessories can either transform a simple dress or ruin a great one. A bride who loves a smooth feel of pure silk in her hands. A bride who loves to listen to the crisp rustle of silk petals. A bride who enjoys looking at intricate shades of color of the flowers.

This bride adores nature and flowers, she appreciates beauty around her. She loves art, music, fashion and has developed her own style. She has experimented long enough to know what makes her even more gorgeous and what to avoid. She knows all the latest trends and picks what suits her. Whatever she chooses it shows off her impeccable taste.

She loves traditions but she definitely is a modern woman. A woman who actively chooses her ways and takes responsibility for her own life. A woman who thinks we shall care about sustainability in every aspect of our lives, including clothes. A woman who loves “slow food”, “slow travel” and “slow fashion” and enjoys that.

This bride wants her wedding to be a unique event and she carefully plans every detail. She has her own vision and chooses beautifully coordinated color schemes. She does not compromise on the quality and she loves to have bespoke solutions made specially for her.

Flower hair accessories by Florissima bella are a perfect choice for this bride. Made of silk and natural blends, with high quality materials, these sublime designs will make you the most beautiful and happy bride.  All items are handcrafted for you with love in Surrey, United Kingdom.