How You Got Here-About

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For my own wedding I fell for the sapphire blue color as my theme (my engagement ring, anniversary gifts and even our car were Royal blue)

I wanted to have blue flowers as décor and my something blue in accessories. In January it was quite challenging in itself, and it turned out that not so many deep blue color flowers existed in nature anyway. My pollen allergy did not make it easier to go after the fresh flowers either.

So I searched high and low for beautiful artificial flowers only to find plastic-y and polyester-y mass produced cheap (and not so cheap) wreaths and some pins. I finally went for a beaded headband, my only blue thing was a lace garter nobody could see, and blue infused gerberas did the job as décor and the bridal bouquet. Looking at my wedding pictures I miss the fact my vision has not come true.

Some time later I came across stunning genuine silk flowers in one of the handmade forums and just had to learn it. European (mostly French) masters work almost exclusively for haute couture fashion houses, while amazing Japanese schools do teach this art to students but my Japanese is limited to three-four words.

It took me several years to find teachers and courses, to establish contacts with Japanese suppliers and achieve a serious level in silk and leather flower making. Being a perfectionist it was impossible for me to start making flowers for other brides before materials and techniques are tested in different combinations to find the right hue, proportion and composition of the accessory.

Every flower is cut from a piece of white silk or natural blend material and then your only limit is your palette and imagination. I usually use 3-5 hues and colors to paint one petal or a leaf and then they have to dry. After that they are doubled with organza or same material and many are set on wires for extra stability. Then it’s the turn of hot tools to shape them into the form I imagined, 3-5 different tools are used in each case. And finally comes the magic moment of assembling, when a flower literally grows in your hand from like nothing to a magnificent bloom.

This laborious and time consuming artisanal process allows creation of flowers in any color and design. It can be attached to any support of your liking, be it a fascinator, a comb, a wreath, a headband or a pin.

I love the whole process, it’s a pure meditation and the result is so worth it. A tender rose competing with a fresh one or a bold fantasy flower is ready to make one more bride feel her happiest on this first day of her marriage life.

Happy because she enjoys touching the sensuous silk petals, listening to the rustle of the leaves, admiring the tender (or bold) colors of her chosen theme.

Happy because she looks stunning adorned with a sophisticated accessory, she knows that she will also be gorgeous on photos.

Happy because she has treated herself to a designer handmade headpiece, available only to clients of fashion houses, with a price tag of a higher end department store.

Happy because she can keep this piece of her big day for years and maybe pass it over to her children.

Happy because she designed her dream wedding.