Holiday Halloween 2017

Holiday Halloween 2017 collection of headwear by Florissima bella is just on time!

Meet the Holiday Halloween 2017 collection, first non-bridal millinery collection by Florissima bella. Although, why not bridal? Gothic brides can definitely find something for their upcoming event.

Parties, trick-or-treats or other outings are almost here, the festive season fall/winter 2017 is to begin shortly. And adults as much as kids do want some nice outfits for these occasions. Halloween homemade paper hats with all due respect paid, yet sometimes you really need a more elegant version of the costume.

This mini-collection has six carefully chosen pieces that will cater for the most demands. Leather and silk headbands, with (or without, just ask!) veiling, fascinators and cocktail hats, satisfy even the most difficult dress code requirements. Possibilities are endless, you can opt to be a Wild Black Orchid, for example, or a Poison Rose if you wish. There are several “calmer” pieces, like the button cocktail hat with a silk rose and twirls, it is perfectly appropriate for a fall/winter wedding or for a formal occasion whatsoever. The disk fascinator with three bud roses is a great choice for a race day.

Last but not the least, the spectacular lace headdress will be just handy when you feel like doing some fairy tale action, be it a masquerade ball or a themed photo shoot. Feel free to get inspired by our images, which are all done by talented teams of fashion professionals.

As always, all of them are no shortcuts, cheaply bought imported elements glued together with a glue gun. But custom hats and trimmings, properly made of high quality materials from scratch. Their professional finish and one of a kind design will amass you lots of compliments and help you to stand out among mass produced accessories many people will wear. It also gives you a lot of freedom of customisation, be it size and fitting, colour choice or way it is attached to your hair.

Get the piece you fancy and celebrate the Halloween 2017 in style!

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